Czar Lachkari

CZAR Lachkari Kolam Rice is very popular because of its finest finishing, delicious taste and aroma. This rice is processed from handpicked paddy which is easy boiling, cooking and does not stick or break on being cooked.

Description :

CZAR Lachkari Kolam Rice is completely enriched with high nutritional values that needed the most. This rice is highly demanded by our valuable customers owing to some unique features like safe consumption, purity, delicious taste, aroma, and hygienic processing. Using the ultra-modern technology and machines, our professionals ensure that the rice-grains are perfectly polished and cleaned without any kind of foreign particles present. CZAR Lachkari Kolam Rice is aged about 3-6months.

Quantities Available :

1. CZAR Lachkari (10kgs)

2 CZAR Lachkari (25kgs)

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